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Astrologers who are negative or biased

by Sojournstar Media (follow)
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I am referring to someone I stumbled across on Facebook yesterday, who calls herself an astrologer based mostly on the fact that she has credentials, and passed the test. OK, so have many doctors, lawyers, and other folks with “credentials” but it does not stop some of them from being Quacks, or worse. So what is your point I ask?

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Mind you, there is so much more to this story, or it might even be partially considered a rant. I say that because I am a deeply spiritual person, and over the many years I have lived, I have run into all kinds of people, the good, the bad, and the down right ugly! It pains me. Part of that bad, is meeting, or knowing people who claimed to have abilities, in this case astrology, and psychic abilities are the ones in question, especially astrology.

Let me go backwards just a little. First, I have been interested, and have been studying all kinds of spiritual, metaphysical, and many other kinds of philosophies and systems since I was a teenager. My Mother was raised Catholic, but became Presbyterian, while my father believed as a Pagan. This is me, I am a Pagan and a very proud one, because to me it means healing, nurturing, knowledge, and even more, it means understanding than each one of us is a unique individual, and need to be considered with care at times.

Getting back to some past. At one time, I actually created and interpreted charts for a living. I was very good at it. So good in fact it became a problem in the sense that some of my clients called endlessly, and wanted advice constantly. Things I had said to them, or read in their charts would become reality, and the more that phenomenon became apparent, the more they wanted to hear. Somehow it was a little off to me tho, I was not a physician, or psychiatrist, or any person who wanted to be. I was just an astrologer, who had a gift, of insight you could say, into people, individual people, not people as a whole category. While I both admit and have come to conclusions based on some peoples astrology sign alone, there are always deep avenues in a persons chart that say so much more. This is where the danger lies.

And this my friends is where the current story really begins. I ran into a person yesterday, who you could say brought the Houdini out in me. What I mean by this is, Houdini became very angry with the fact that many astologers and psychics alike, were either feeding on the negative aspects of what they claim to interpret in a persons chart, (and seldom the positive) or simply use peoples emotions to get what they want, either peoples money, or maybe in this case, using astrology to convince the average person, that she is so experienced, and so well known in her “trade” that she can tell you quite frankly, that Hillary Clinton’s chart says, she is a very sic woman, with a brain injury, and will be dead in 2 years…

When I read that I was stunned, AND angry, because in my opinion that is a GROSS misuse of something I happen to consider Very SACRED!!! This person is what I call a HACK!!

Now because this piece I intend to continue writing about, is going to be long, only because I have taken an entire conversation from this Facebook thread, and will be breaking it down section by section, to interject why what I read from this person is the entire reason why astrology and people who have legitimate gifts are viewed badly.

I will paste the entire convo here, protecting the innocent by removing their names and profile avatars, but not the text as some is relevant to the article, and I will leave mine and hers in tact. I will also admit I went off on this person, and said some not so nice things of my own, and wish I had not, but I did, and I stand by them. I have a hard time with arrogance, egotism, and also ulterior motives, and it became very clear right away to me, that this person was using her supposed gift to try and convince others Hillary was not fit for Potus, and while she sounds and acts like a Trump supporter, she actually says she supports Jill Stein. You see though, this article is not, and will not be about politics, or who one does or does not support, it is going to be about the manipulation of a gift, in order to manipulate others into seeing your way, and the fact that no matter how much “training” or how many “certificates” or who you work for or don’t has nothing to do with whether you use your gift in a respectable manner, for the good of all, or use your “schooling” in a cold calculated manner with no heart, and with a biased heart.

You see, the fact is that astrology is a deep study of angles and mathematics which make up for this example, a persons birth chart, and an astrologer uses those figures to decipher the chart, no question there. The question comes in to play when the humanity of the “astrologer” is missing. The way some people see an astrologer, is truly like a muse at times. You have fragile alive minds to deal with here. Any astrologer who tells you, or only seems to see the negative in someones charts, and dwells on that, is playing with people and their emotions. Astrologers are NOT doctors, and have no legal right to say you, or anyone else is going to be dead in 2 years. That is a HACK at work, IMO! Why is this so horrible to say, because these are interpretations, not predictions, and we are living beings, which also means we are open to changes whether we like it or not, sometimes the universe plays a part in actually changing ones future for whatever reason, so why would you impress such negative thoughts into someones psyche! WHY!!

I can honestly say this, because I myself have had a well known astrologer in Los Angeles, as well as a psychic tell me straight forward negatives that truly affected my life and mind for some time to come, (I will get into some of that later on in this article), and because I have known others affected by hacks, and I also wanted to tell you at some point about Robin, an old friend who was so stunned by what an astrologer told her, that she began using drugs and eventually fatally wounded herself, that astrologer who tells you nothing but negatives, is someone you should cover your ears and run from, with your wallet tight in check!
Mind you what I will be sharing, is not personal info, but info that this woman widely promotes and shares.

Just to give you a small example of what I will be talking about, here is a short article by Elsa which will give you an idea, Elsa's Views

With that said, stand by for the next part of this rant on the hacks. I will be posting most of it on my PaganKnot Wordpress Blog

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